The ultimate in tableware for the top chefs.

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Sirha 2017 Lyon. Collection

About Us

The ultimate in tableware, sought by the discerning
chefs that number among the world's greatest.

Arita, the birthplace of Japanese porcelain.

Regardless of the historical period, these vessels,
which have conveyed the flavors of the seasons through 400 years of unbroken history,
are here for that moment of bliss with one of the world’s top chefs.

Arita's techniques and aesthetics once took the world by storm.
With repeating cycles of inheritance and innovation,
these techniques and aesthetics have been polished to perfection, and their sensibilities are becoming increasingly free.

What is tableware for professional use,
this stage that inspires the joy of a meal?
Arita’s potteries-each with its colorful local personality-have joined forces to bring you ARITA PLUS,
a new Arita porcelain that is heir to a history of 400 years.