Anrakugama Kiln

since 1938

Shimura Ceramics, the parent organization of Anrakugama Kiln, has been manufacturing saggars,
the fire-resistant protective containers that are used in kilns when firing porcelain, since the foundation of the company in 1938.
It has worked to quietly to support Arita porcelain through the manufacturing of various types of kiln furniture,
including posts for shelving and fire-resistant bases that are used to prevent distortion during firing.
Anrakugama Kiln is the only pottery in Arita specializing in heat-resistant materials.
The strong, highly durable products that it manufactures are much loved by everyone from top chefs to ordinary households all over Japan.

Since its foundation, Anrakugama Kiln has continued to produce ceramics materials for firing.
Drawing on the know-how and experience thus gained,
it has developed earthen hotpots with a high degree of durability and fire safety.

It supplies earthen hotpots that prepare meals to delicious perfection without losing any of the umami flavor of the ingredients.
Anrakugama Kiln is unswervingly dedicated to developing new products that bring the warmth of hotpot cooking into everyone’s lives.

In an age said to be characterized by weaker human connections,
Anrakugama aims to create products that will warm our hearts through the coziness of hotpot cooking,
where everyone sits around a single hotpot and enjoys a meal together.


781 Nanbarukou Arita-cho Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0021 Japan