Fukuju Porcelain

since 1955

Using a unique glaze that reproduces formulations used in the Edo period,
Fukuju Porcelain has brought the unconstrained production style of the early Imari period into the modern age.
Softly colored underglazing and gently textured glazes result in vessels with a quiet depth.
In a production area where division of labor is profuse,
Fukuju Porcelain has an integrated in-house production system, which allows it to mold pieces before glazing.

Fukuju Porcelain is distinctive for “newness within tradition.”
The kiln is continually aspiring toward a new tradition.
Tradition is the outcome of a particular point within the flow of innovation.
It is always moving, never at a standstill.

The innovative vessels produced by Fukuju Porcelain present not a superficial newness,
but one that is backed up by tradition.
In them, one can find the “creation of the soul.”

株式会社 福珠陶苑

2-30-16 Nakadaru Arita-cho Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0021 Japan