Hironori Kajihara

Working on a traditional potter’s wheel, Hironori Kajihara creates celadon wares with a characteristic blue-green glaze.
He is adept at using various materials, from porcelain to pottery.
This artist creates a variety of expressions, as he brings together different types of clay, celadon, and a wealth of different glazes.
The Shigemasa Studio, where Hironori Kajihara bases himself, was established in 1983.
The studio is equipped with a split-bamboo type climbing kiln, built in order to produce antique-looking celadon.

Originating in China, celadon is a type of pottery characterized by its beautiful glazes in shades of blue and green.
The color of celadon wares vary greatly depending on the age and area in which the piece was produced-pale blue, olive green, and even pale yellow are possible.
The color range is so wide that it cannot be expressed in a single word.

Celadon was introduced into Japan sometime around the twelfth century.
Thanks to the aesthetic sensibilities of the Japanese people with the development of the tea ceremony, celadon became a select and much-loved glaze.
In his quest for his own personal style, this artist challenges the limits of celadon, with its long history.

陶磁器作家 梶原大敬

2797 Kuromutahei Arita-cho Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0021 Japan