Kichiemon Porcelain

since 1673

Kichiemon Porcelain is a kiln marked by a long history and status.
It is said that, back in the Edo period, the head of the kiln was permitted to wear a sword, just like the samurai.
As an expert in tableware for Japanese cuisine,
the kiln has since kept alive stunning techniques in its way of working with porcelain in Arita–Obo, an area dense with long-established kilns.
To this, it now adds a new sensibility, giving birth to unique concepts as it ceaselessly takes on the task of experimentation and research.
in 2016, Kichiemon Porcelain was honored with the top prize at the Arita International Ceramics Competition.

Based on both Arita porcelain's 400-year long, uninterrupted history,
and the kiln’s own history as a supplier of dinnerware to restaurants and inns over many years,
Kichiemon Porcelain takes as its theme the deconstruction and reconstruction of things that we have now.
It is always in search of the new, unhindered by the ceramics production of the past.

Arita porcelain is so much more than white porcelain and the painting of illustrations.
Kichiemon Porcelain's products all carry the traces of the company's quest to further expand the depth and potential of Arita porcelain, working from a different perspective.

有限会社 吉右ヱ門製陶所

3778 Oubouhei Arita-cho Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0021 Japan