Tokko Kiln

since 1865

In 1865, Tokko Kiln built a climbing kiln in present-day Arita–Obo Kakenotani and started to manufacture ceramic wares.
Over the more than 100 years that have passed since then,
the company has remained untiringly dedicated to the making of ceramics, never once extinguishing the kiln's fire.
Tokko Kiln excels at production using transfer techniques, which it puts to use in its stable and high-quality production of finely patterned pieces.
Tokko Kiln also produces many gorgeous pieces using gold or silver glazing.
In recent years, it has also taken up the production of handmade earthenware products, in order to be able to respond to a wider range of needs.
The company aims to keep learning about ceramics manufacturing for new food cultures as it continues to respect the traditions of Japan's food culture.

For over 150 years since it was founded, Tokko Kiln has produced tableware for Japanese cuisine, primarily supplying high-end Japanese restaurants.
These days, it seeks to produce tableware for new lifestyles, also taking on the challenges of collaborations with designers and the development of original tableware in response to to the demands of top chefs.

Stretching the boundaries of materials, the kiln produces numerous ceramics pieces by Eijiro Tokunaga and brings into reality an Arita porcelain with depth and breadth.
The company takes on various challenges as it seeks out the foundation stones that will build the new age of Arita porcelain.

株式会社 徳幸

3841-1 Oubouhei Arita-cho Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0021 Japan