Yamahei Porcelain

since 1972

Yamamoto Heisaku, founder of the Arita-based pottery Yamasho Kiln, was born as the second son and trained in ceramics.
Soon after the war, he went independent as Yamahei Kiln, named using two characters from his own name.
In 1972, his predecessor, Masaharu Yamamoto, established Yamahei Pottery.
Since 1995, Hirofumi Yamamoto has served as representative director.
Employing uncompromising manufacturing and a fine sense of balance,
the kiln has recently been developing products that suit new lifestyles, including its extremely thin “eggshell” ceramics.

Valuing Arita porcelain’s 400 years of history, tradition, and culture,
together with the craft and techniques that have been cultivated through these,
Yamahei Porcelain also explores Arita porcelain's new possibilities based on contemporary life scenarios and unswayed by passing styles.

The company aims to be a proposal-based company that captures the needs of the times as it takes on new challenges.

有限会社 やま平窯元

2267-1 Kuwakobaotsu Arita-cho Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0021 Japan