瑞峯窯 原重製陶所

Zuiho Kiln

since 1917

Established close to 100 years ago,
Zuiho Kiln uses many different glazes and techniques and takes a flexible approach to manufacturing,
always responding to the changing needs of the times.
The kiln prides itself on its tableware for Japanese meals, in addition to its dignified ceramics pieces.
Employing various forms, glazes, and decorative techniques, the kiln boasts rich and varied, time-proven techniques.
The slab-built pieces by Kozaburo Harada are particularly skilful examples of this.

Zuiho Kiln built A KILN / KILNS in the Arita Sotoyama area in the 1910s and has since dedicated itself to the production of ceramics, always in touch with the new mood of the age.

What kind of tableware is in demand right now?
Always asking itself this question, Zuiho Kiln fuses bold ideas with sophisticated techniques as it pushes forward with innovative development.

株式会社 原重製陶所

3639 Oubouhei Arita-cho Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0021 Japan