Riso Porcelain

since 1930

Riso Porcelain was established on the site of the former residence of potter Yi Sam-pyeong, the founder of Arita porcelain.
As times changed, the kiln’s production shifted from porcelain sculptures to tableware.
Working from the tradition and commitment to quality it has built up over the years,
Riso Porcelain strives to produce beautiful forms that are not affected by the changing trend of the times.
While it bases its production on the techniques of old Imari ware, the kiln was quick to adopt digital technology.
A full gamut of techniques, from classical to contemporary, analog, and digital are employed to complete the final piece.

Riso Porcelain’s aim is to make objects that inspire.

“Are we making products that are impressive?
Are we making things we can be proud of and that we love?”
The company continues to ask itself these questions as it creates, expanding its ideas.

Everyone has an ideal image of themselves and their ambitions.
Riso Porcelain’s mission is to create irresistible objects that inspire such ambitions.

有限会社 李荘窯業所

1-4-201 Shirakawa Arita-cho Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0021 Japan